Advanced Wellness Center: Testimonials

Vicki_Chorman.jpgI first met the AWC staff at the Columbus Arts Festival downtown. Agreeing to the consultation was the smartest thing I’ve done in a long time!

When I rode my bicycle through Colorado this summer, it was truly a group effort. I rode with the combined efforts and energy of the entire AWC staff. I would never have been in a position to do a ride such as this a few years ago but thanks to AWC I completed the ride with flying colors!

From the time you walk in the door to an enthusiastic greeting through the actual adjustment, you have the support of the entire staff. They are concerned not only with your physical health and what adjustments may be needed, but also with your overall health. I always feel strongly that they have my overall well-being in mind. They are interested and care about you as a total package – from your physical and mental health, to your hobbies, to who you are. Sometimes I think they are more excited about various activities and trips in my life than I am!

I have learned a lot of strategies to improve my overall health while working with AWC. From nutritional advice to general well being hints, the staff at AWC is constantly looking for additional strategies to improve their patients overall well-being.

As a cyclist I tent to stress my body in a wide variety of ways with aches and pains designed to stump the Doctor’s! I am confident that they will always do whatever it takes to get me ready to conquer the next mountain.

Thanks AWC – I couldn’t have done it without you!

Vicki Chorman


Lowrey_family.jpgOur family moved to Columbus, OH not quite two years ago from the northern Virginia/DC metro area. We were looking to get out of the frenetic pace of that area and welcomed all that central Ohio had to offer us. However, with moving comes a fair amount of stress - both physically and emotionally. Not too long after settling in, we were introduced to Advanced Wellness through a neighbor. 

Bruce was the first to go, initially for treatment on his shoulder, which has given him problems for YEARS. When he came home after that first visit, he commented on how thorough it was! He couldn't believe how much time they had taken to get his history, find out about his lifestyle, activities, expectations, etc. He told me about the "activator". My only experience with chiropractors in the past had been the more traditional "manipulation" type adjustments. I was very skeptical that this small handheld device could really help. However, Bruce continued to go and started to see results. I decided I needed to check it out too. 

As a stay at home mother of two (at the time, ages 7 and 9) my errands (which included doctor's visits) are often accompanied by my little "angels". So, I drug them along with me. They were instantly interested in the moving table and how/why it works that way. Dr. Troy was more than patient with them, answering all their questions. He in turn, engaged them and began asking them questions. Soon enough, the whole family was going for weekly adjustments. 

Our son is a quick study, but definitely needs an assessment period to size up whether or not he is comfortable with the person and situation. Our daughter on the other hand never met a person (or animal, for that matter!) that she doesn't like or want to carry on a conversaton with! Both quickly came to look forward to our weekly visits to see Dr. Troy. Further, they have both benefitted from their adjustments in ways that I wouldn't have imagined. They both have a greater awareness of their bodies and a developing practice of paying attention to what they are feeling intuitively. 

All four of us find ourselves to be more in balance physically and emotionally. With the wonderful addition of Dr. Maureen and of course, Bobbie's magic hands. Advanced Wellness is exactly what it's name implies. It isn't just about physical improvements, but an overall sense of wellness and health. 


The Lowrey Family


Julie_Nini.jpegI began my care at Advanced Wellness Center a year ago in June after attending their Gal Pal Day event with friends. I have had low back pain since I was only 17 years old. The pain continued to get worse over the years and has kept me from playing tennis, gardening, cleaning house, standing on a tile floor or even standing for any period of time. The pain was always said to be "muscular with a twisted torso by medical doctors, however I never really got any relief from pain relievers or muscle relaxers which were prescribed. The pain continued to get worse as I got older with increased spasms that began happening more often and lasted for longer periods of time. 

Once I began my chiropractic care I learned my pelvis was tilted and have had several misalignments in my lower spine that have effected the nerves and muscles in my back and legs. I now enjoy tennis again, gardening, exercise and standing with out the pain I had suffered for so many years. I had also experienced carpal tunnel pain that dramatically improved after only 3 adjustments with Dr. Troy. My friends have noticed a difference in my personality saying I am happier and less stressed now that I am not in pain everyday. The pain no longer keeps me from enjoying and doing the things I want to do. This transformation has taken place in only a year and I can't wait to see what else my body can achieve with a healthy nervous system!

Julie Nini


Who knew chiropractic could be fun?! More than just fun, Dr. Heather and Dr. Troy are a very important part of our preventative health team. We believe our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are in great hands.

Through chiropractic we've noticed an increase in energy, better digestion, more peaceful sleep habits, as well as, more grace and ease in our frames.

We've recommended Advanced Wellness Center to many of our friends, family members and colleagues over the years and will continue to spread the word.

Lori & Jay Moffett


RoslynJackson.JPGI have had many positive changes in my health and “mental health” since becoming a patient of Dr. Heather and Dr. Troy. When I began my migraine headaches, back pain and sinus issues were nearly constant. In the past I had seen every type of specialist; tried herbal remedies and exercise. What I appreciate the most is the whole life approach to wellness. The doctors have been the source of information on other holistic therapies and nutrition; they have worked in concert with my trainer and lent an ear during times of stress!

Today my headaches are very rare and I am in much better general health. I was even able to compete in the Monster Mash Figure Competition last year and the Flying Feather Four Mile Thanksgiving Day Run. Many thanks to my extended family!

Roslyn Jackson


gordons.jpgMy wife, Quenetta and I have been experiencing the whole health benefits from Advanced Wellness for over two years.  Our story prior to chiropractic care was one marked with a healthy lifestyle and a moderate amount of athletic activity.  Like many in similar situations, we lived
a healthy lifestyle but did not know or realize that something better was available.  For example, small cramps, body aches and minor headaches or back pain was attributed to growing older, not to posture, lifestyle or central nervous systems misalignments.

However, after a few short months of chiropractic care under Dr. Walker and Dr Peery, we both realized that a new "healthy" was upon us.  That initial discovery that we were healthy, but not at "peak performance", was epiphany.  Not only could we see and feel the positive changes that
regular adjustments made in our lives, but others could see similar and unique things about us as well.  For instance, I, Matt, have an office job where I sit at a computer for 8 hours a day and analyze scientific information.  After months of adjustments, my old sitting position no
longer felt comfortable and a new and correct posture was realized.  An added benefit to this was my work production not only was raised, but my quality and efficiency was improved as well.  Frequent breaks to refocus my eyes were met with more efficient use of my sight and less strain and headaches.  For Quenetta, chiropractic adjustments meant better nights
sleep, less back, shoulder and headache pains.  Not only that, but a renewed enthusiasm for exercise with proper form helped her energy levels and recover time.

In closing, I would like to add that both Quenetta and I have really taken a fondness to how we have been taught by Drs. Troy and Heather. We frequently joke about "needing our C1 adjusted" when we are rather irritable or discuss the location of the vertebrae when we have aches
and pains.  And this to us is just one of the many value added benefits to Advanced Wellness that our children will one day experience as well.

Warm Regards,
Matthew and Quenetta Gordon


Clapper.jpgMy name is Barb and I have been a barber stylist for almost 30 years. Anyone who is in my profession knows what it’s like to have backaches. Leaning over shampoo bowls and bending and leaning to cut hair can give you backaches.

I had back pain daily. I would drive home from work every day with unbearable pain, go to bed at night and wake up still hurting. I went to a chiropractor years ago (one who didn’t use the “Activator Method”) and I didn’t have positive results. Most of the time I just worse when I left.

Since I have been seeing Dr. Walker and Dr. Peery at Advanced Wellness Center I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I had that horrible pain from shoulder blade to shoulder blade.

Advanced Wellness Center is such a pleasant place to go to. The doctors are extremely knowledgeable and show you how much they care about your health. And everyone is so friendly.

Honestly, the worst part at Advanced Wellness Center is having to get up and leave! Go, you won’t regret it!

Barbara J. Clapper



MelanieFifield.jpgPain had been my “normal” for about 12 years before I met Dr. Troy at the Evening of Relaxation in November 2010. I played volleyball from 7th grade through college and played nearly year-round from my sophomore year of high school until I graduated from college. The back pain started becoming part of my norm during my junior year of high school. I realized I should probably find a chiropractor before I finished high school, but I was terrified of the only method I knew of; what I refer to as the “grab, twist, and yank.” Then at the beginning of my second year of college my dad ended up in surgery to correct a pinched nerve after what he believes was a bad “grab, twist, and yank.” I swore off chiropractic at that point, even though I had never actually experienced it myself. Then in November 2010 I went with a few friends to the Evening of Relaxation. When I saw the list of services available I signed up to see every chiropractor there. I figured it was a safe way to learn more and I had reached a point where I knew I had to do something! I was sick of being in a constant state of discomfort or pain!

When I met Dr. Troy I was instantly at ease when he sat down with me and just talked to me! It wasn’t a sales pitch. It wasn’t an act. I didn’t feel talked down to like I often do with doctors; we just talked, person-to-person. I told him my dad’s story and how chiropractic scared me and he told me that he would never do anything that would scare me. I almost instantly had a level of trust with him that I have never in my life had with a doctor! When I started my adjustments just a couple of weeks later, Dr. Troy told me, “Your back is… jacked up!” Something I pretty well knew, but it was refreshing to have him talk to me, again, as another person, rather than that stuffy doctor-patient talk. Shortly thereafter Dr. Heather started doing some of my adjustments, too, and because my trust issues with doctors, I was a little apprehensive about someone new stepping in. Little did I know that she is just as amazing as Dr. Troy!

There was a noticeable difference in my pain level within a week or two of beginning regular adjustments! I wasn’t “better” but I could tell that in time I would be! I started seeing Amy for NRT a few months later and suddenly, I had a new hope for my health because I was starting to figure out what true health is. And what really started to amaze me was how the rest of my life started to turn around after starting at AWC. I went from being a seemingly happy and seemingly healthy 29-year-old on the verge of my own personal collapse to getting my marriage on a better path, getting the job I’ve been searching for for eight years, and now expecting a child that I once believed, because of my back pain, I wouldn’t be capable of carrying. I can’t thank the staff of AWC enough for their dedication to me and to all of their patients! If it weren’t for them, I don’t want to know what my life and my quality of life would be like right now! They are a truly remarkable group of people who genuinely care for every person who walks through the door! I have never known another place like it!


Melanie Fifield


TSF_family.jpgAs a family in whole I would have to say that the biggest success is that we all learned that we really do not have to live with the everyday pain! Also, we have as a family all started to think about the everyday things that we should and can change in our lives to make our overall health a lot better!

My daughter (in-law) Lacey started the whole family on the road to our exciting change of Chiropractic! Lacey now doesn't have to live with migraine headaches!!

My son (Jason) was the number one salesman for this change in our lives and he no longer has to live with back pain!!

My daughter (Jackie) after a bad car accident was told that she would just have to feel lucky that she was alive!! But that was not good enough for us!! Jackie realizes that she can be a normal human and not live in pain! Also the biggest plus for her is she did not have to give up her passion/career, she is now a full-time horse trainer!!!

My mother (Nell) who is 85 years old was in a car accident and could not hear at all when she started coming to AWC, she is now hearing better!!! The added plus to her visits are that she does also not have to live with the pains of getting older!! Her spirit is getting better and better everyday!!!

My husband (Bob) is changing every visit and he is now learning he can do anything he wants to do again!! Dr. Troy is Bob's answer to the perfect Golf Game!!!

As far as I go, my success is really being able to get back on my horse and learn to ride the correct way! Not just riding and saying this is the best I can do with my problems!!! My dreams are coming true daily!

The added enjoyment is hearing back from all the people we have sent to AWC how much this has changed their lives and the thanks for thinking about them and making them go! We all agree that this is one of the best decisions we have made!

Thank you so much to Dr. Troy, Dr. Heather and the staff for everything you do for my family and friends!!! You truly have changed our lives for the better!

The Triplett Family